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The Leading  B2B international  ExchangePlus encompassing the pillars of the E-commerce Components with an enriching spectrum of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Sevices and Views. is a community oriented e-incubating platform where Pharmaceutical and Medical people exchange Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Intermediates, Herbal Products, Gelatins/Capsules, Newly developed medicine Excess Stocks, Career and ideas(Forum)
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Seller, please note: If your price that is being offered in our trading site is acceptable to our buyer, we will require a recent Certificate of Analysis and sample from you for our buyer's evaluation.
 If you have a list of product inquiries to be made at any one-point of time, you may also fax your queries 759-1877 or e-mail us at or Our Customer Service Officer will then post your offers and inquiries on-line on your behalf. 
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