Market Makers has an expanding network of International Market Makers. We offer our Market Makers a comprehensive suite of support services. First, we offer manufacturers an opportunity to increase their reach and promote their products in the global marketplace. We have a host of import and export resources specifically designed for your industry. Very soon, we will have a multi-lingual in-house customer service team. We will use the local presence of our global network to offer representation services to overseas suppliers. 

Successful market making demands that Market Makers regularly monitor our database of products and services and actively seek buyers and/or sellers in their region. They will search for manufacturers and importers within their geographic region to facilitate trade with overseas buyers and sellers respectively.

 In addition to assisting the Global PharmaExchangePlus, by managing transactions for its members, Market Makers will also have an opportunity to have new principals from various countries, thus increasing their scope of influence. Market Makers will use existing business relationships and knowledge of their local markets to bring their customers to the First Global PharmaExchangePlus.'s authorized Market Makers are not employees and do not have any sales quotas. Therefore, they may spend as much or as little time as they choose to in pursuing new business for themselves. 12.5% of the transaction fees paid by buyers and suppliers will be shared with market makers. To date, territories are not restricted in any way, unless specified*. A given company may be associated with only one Market Maker code. Commission reports, customer lists, and all other Market Maker account information will soon be available within the website. Marketing material will be supplied to reps via email or may be downloaded off the website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become a Market Maker with Global PharmaExchangePlus? 
A: If you are involved in the animal health industry, have connections with clients in your region, and have the ambition to prospect for new customers, you have a great opportunity to be successful as an authorized Market Maker. 

Q: How do I generate income? 
A: The Global PharmaExchangePlus will share 12.5% of the transaction fees with the Market Makers. 

Q: Where can I solicit business? 
A: Market Makers are permitted to solicit business from customers throughout the world; there are no geographic barriers on representatives' target market, though customers will normally be associated with only one Market Maker's ID code. 

Q: What assistance will I get from 
A: will assist Market Makers with certain marketing materials. We will work closely with Market Makers to finalize customer transactions. Import/export support and assistance will be provided to all our Market Makers.

 Q: Are Market Makers employees of 
A: No, Market Makers are independent authorized contractors granted the permission to promote's services world-wide, and utilize's global sales network and database of products and requests to help expand their own business. 

 Q: Are there any sales quotas? 
 A: No, there are no minimum requirements in terms of sales quotas or trade volume. Market Makers can commit as much time and effort as they can. Market Makers most committed to their own and's success will get preference in distribution of leads and referrals. If you have additional queries please e-mail to A representative of will promptly answer questions via e-mail.

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