Our Preferred Service Partners

                Our Preferred Service Partners

                     WTOPharma continually strives to provide value-added service to our online community. 
Our Preferred Service Partners are key members of our community that provide you with the solutions you  need. We continue  to form  strategic  alliances  with  the  world's  leading inspection, insurance, shipping, consulting and financial institutions to assist our members find services that are associated with trading of products and services globally through WTOPharma.com.   Service Partners interested
to associate with WTOPharma.com may contact: management@wtopharma.Com


Unique Services for Buyers and Sellers



Increase Confidence   


Many buyers do not know the sellers, are not experienced international traders or may no longer rely on traditional intermediaries. They express concern about the existence and reliability of sellers and their ability to deliver advertised products.

A major question often raised by buyers is: "How can I purchase from a vendor I've never met?". This issue has been carefully analysed by SGS in order to provide assurance in on-line transactions by offering its new "Safe Internet Trading Environment" (SITE) services under the "SGSonSITE" brand.

SGSonSITE services enhance the confidence buyers need to purchase goods through the eMarketplace, linking the virtual world of the internet to the physical world of trade.




Because the virtual nature of on-line Business toBusiness may affect buyers' confidence to order on-line, SGS has used its extensive experience and unique knowledge of trade world-wide to develop SGSonSITE services tailored to the requirements of buyers.

  Vendor Rating Program:
SGS offers to buyers an independent and professional confirmation of a vendor's ability to e-trade. This program includes on-premise assessment options and attribution of a vendor rating which is reviewed regularly.

A documentary review service aimed at providing buyers with comfort when placing an order from an unknown vendor.

Allows sellers to increase selling potential by ordering SGS to draw samples of offered products for delivery at the request of buyers.

  SGSonSITE.Visual Inspection:
Usually ordered by the buyers, this service adds confidence and peace of mind in the transaction.



SGSonSITE services reduce the risk of transaction failure by allowing buyers to make informed choices about products and sellers

Buyers can receive product samples drawn independently by SGS, view product specification sheets and order product inspections prior to shipment

SGSonSITE services help buyers to identify and select trustworthy and rated sellers



Visit SGSonSITE to find out more about services tailored to the requirements of buyers and sellers.






Notice : All orders are accepted, all services are performed and all status documents, reports and certificates are issued subject to the applicable SGS General and Service Specific Terms and Conditions available at http://www.sgsonsite.com



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