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                                    RECOMMENDED READING

Behaviour Genetics

Are we hardwired?: 
the role of genes in human behaviour
William R. Clark and Michael Grunstein 
Oxford University Press, 2000.

Born that way:
genes, behaviour, personality
William Wright
Knopf, 1998.

Living our genes: 
why they matter more than you think
Dean Hamer and Peter Copeland
Doubleday, 1998. 


DNA sequencing: from experimential methods in Bioinformatics
Luke Alphey 
Springer - Verlag, 1997.

to Bioinformatics
Teresa Attwood
Longman, 1999.

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering 

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering 
Lisa Yount
Facts on File, 2000.

Darwin's black box
The Biomedical challenge to evolution
Michael J. Behe 
Tocuhstone, 1998.

Introduction to genetic engineering 
Desmond S.T. Nicholl
Cambridge University Press, 1996.

The thread of life:
the story od genes and genetic engineering 
Susan Aldridge 
Cambridge University Press, 1996.

Unravelling genes:
a layperson's guide to genetic engineering 
Mark Joseph Walker 
Allen and Unwin, 2000.


Clone: the road to Dolly, and the path ahead 
Gina Kolata
Allen Lane, 1997.

The human cloning debate
Glenn McGee (Editor)
Hi Marketing, 2000.

Human cloning
playing God or scientific progress
Lane P. Lester and James C. Hefley
Fleming H. Revell, 1998. 

Genes and Genetics

Life without genes
Adrian Woolfson
Harper Collins, 2000.

The art of genes 
how organisms make themselves 
Benrico Coen 
Oxford University Press, 1999.

Cracking the genome: 
inside the race to unlock human DNA 
Kevin Davis 
Free Press, 2001.

The double helix: a personal account of the discovery of the structure 
of DNA
James D. Watson
Penguin, 1999.

Essential genetics 
Daniel L. Hartl 
Jones and Bartlett, 1999. 

Evolution of sameness and difference: 
perspectives on the Human Genome Project
Stanley Shostak 
Harwood Academic Publishers, 1999. 

The extended phenotype:
the long reach of the gene
Richard Dawkins
Oxford University Press, 1999.

Human Genetics
Concepts and Applications
Ricki Lewis 
WCB/ McGraw - Hill, 1999. 

Unnatural Selection
the promise and the power of human gene research 
Lois Wingerson 
Bantam Books, 1998. 

Shaping life: 
Gene, embryos and evolution
John Maynard Smith
Yale University Press, 1999. 

The Science Times book of Genetics
Nicholas Wade (Editor)
Lyons Press, 1998. 

Genome: the autobiography of a species in 23 chapters 
Matt Ridley 
Fourth Estate, 1999. 

Genome: the story of the most astonishing scientific adventure of our time--the attempt to map all the genes in the human body 
Jerry E. Bishop amd Michael Waldholz
Simon and Schuster, c1990.

Morton Jenkins
Teach Yourself Books, 1998 

Molecular genetics 
J.T Hancock 
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1999. 

Proteins, enzymes, genes: 
the interplay of Chemistry and biology 
Joseph S. Fruton 
Yale University Press, 1999. 

Mendel's demon: gene justice and the complexity of life 
Mark Ridley
Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2000. 

Mean genes
Tony Burnham 
Perseus Publishing, 2000.

The language of genes:
solving the mysteries of our genetic past, present, and future
Steve Jones
Anchor Books, 1995

The human blueprint:
the race to unlock the secrets of our genetic script 
Robert Shapiro
St. Martin's press, 1991.

Genetic Diseases 

Genetic variation and human disease: 
Principles and evolutionary approaches 
kenneth M. Weiss 
Cambridge University Press, 1995 

Curing Cancer:
the story of the men and women unlocking the secrets of our deadliest illness
Michael Waldholz
Simon and Schuster, 1997.

Pioneers of Genetics 

Crick, Watson and DNA 
Paul Strathern 
Doubleday, 1999.

DNA pioneers and their legacy 
Ulf Lagerkvist 
Yale University Press, 1998.

A passion for DNA 
genes, genomes, and society
James D. Watson 
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2000. 

Rosalind Franklin and DNA
Anne Sayre 
W.W. Norton, 2000.

Time, love, memory:
a great biologist and his quest for the origins of behaviour
Jonathan Weiner
Knopf, 1999. 

Social Aspects of the Genetic Revolution
The biotech century:
harnessing the gene and remarking the world
Jeremy Rifkin
Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, 1998. 

Brave New Worlds:
genetics and the human experience
Bryan Appleyard 
HarperCollins, 2000.

The Cosmic serpent, DNA and the origins of knowledge 
Jeremy Narby 
Phoenix, 1999.

Designing babies:
the brave new world of reproductive technology
Roger Gosden 
W.H Freeman, 1999.

Gene future:
the promise and perils of the new biology
Thomas F. Lee
Plenum, 1993

Genetic imaginations: 
ethical, legal and social issues in human genome research 
Peter Glasner and Harry Rothman (Editors)
Ashgate Publishing, 1998.

The genetic revolution and human rights
Justin Burley (Editor)
Oxford University Press, 1999

The lives to come:
the genetic revolution and human possibilities
Philip Kitcher
Penguin, 1997

Remaking Eden:
cloning, genetic engineering and the future of humankind?
Lee M. Silver 
Weidenfeld and Nicolsan, 1998

The Social management of genetic engineering
Peter Wheale, Rene von Schomberg, Peter Glasner (Editors)
Ashgate, 1998.

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